Mini Spike 2 Yellow – Slim (pr) 2WD


Shumacher Mini Spike 2 slim 2wd are great on all forms of surfaces, and are a necessity to carry in your hauler, these tyres are the tyre of choice on both high and low grip surfaces


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Schumacher Mini Spike 2 slim 2wd are great on all forms of surfaces, when brand new provide high grip on astro turf and give a lot of turn in, slightly worn ones are excellent to use when you have to much front end grip, and when they are really work they are great to keep for the winter season on carpet or shiny surfaces such as gym halls.

Schumacher Mini Spike 2 Slim for 2WD or 4WD

By stretching the 2wd tyres over 4wd hubs gives you extra options for levels of front end grip on your 4wd. The Schumacher Mini Spike 2 Slim is a necessity to have in your hauler for both summer and winter no matter what class of car you drive

The Mini Spike 2 is by far Schumacher’s most popular tyre.

With our sale now on these really are cheap Schumacher mini Spikes, you may also need Schumacher Mini Spike 2 Rears Yellow to go with these click here to get them


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Mini Spike Yellow
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